The 58th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo - Liyun


The 58th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo was held in Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center. This exhibition is divided into two exhibition sites to display our products. First, the exhibition site is the spray system (top spray gun, bottom spray gun, cutting spray gun, wet granulation spray gun, coating gun, cleaning ball and so on) displayed at the exhibition site. Article 2 the exhibition site is the company's on-site display of particle size equipment system (whole granulator, hammer crusher, air flow crusher series products) and pellet equipment system (extrusion rounding machine, spinning extruder, multi-functional pellet making and coating machine, high-efficiency wet granulator and other products). A number of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises visited the exhibition site and the company site, and put forward valuable opinions. They expect Liyun to go to a higher level on the road of assisting pharmaceutical enterprises in R & D.


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