Chongqing Liyun invites you to participate in the 60th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition


The National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo held at the same time were held in the 1990s. They are held every spring and autumn. Since 2004, they have been listed as one of the key supported exhibitions by the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China. Since 2008, they have been approved as the International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo by the Ministry of Commerce. The exhibits cover various production, processing and testing equipment and relevant auxiliary equipment required by western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biopharmaceutical, animal medicine, pesticides, some health products, daily chemical products and food production enterprises. It is recognized by the industry as a professional, international, large-scale, full range of exhibits, many audiences, and an exchange platform for the pharmaceutical equipment industry integrating trade and discussion.