Looking forward to 2019, pharmaceutical machinery industry should return to technology from capital


New year new weather, focus on the new 2019. This year is not only a new development stage of pharmaceutical machinery enterprises in the cold winter, but also a turning year for the industry to eliminate old industries and develop new industries. The industry said, "enterprises should change the previous concept of relying on capital development, pay more attention to technology and compete with 'real Kung Fu'.".

For a long time, due to the late start and weak technology of China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, there were few manufacturers involved in this field at first, with only single digits. Moreover, these starting manufacturers basically relied on imitation and copy technology, and the developed equipment was difficult to compete with the strength of imported equipment.

In recent years, with the support of domestic favorable policies and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for drugs has expanded, the pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, and the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment related to drug production have also obtained business opportunities.

It is reported that the scale of China's pharmaceutical market has accounted for 11% of the global pharmaceutical market, becoming the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world after the United States. The industry expects that in 2019, the global share of China's drug market will increase to 14%, surpassing the sum of five European countries and second only to the United States.

Under the "temptation" of the huge market cake, more and more pharmaceutical machinery and equipment manufacturers have been attracted to establish, and many enterprises have joined the equipment production army. According to rough estimates, there are nearly 7000 pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises in China. Moreover, due to the advantages of low price and convenient maintenance of domestic pharmaceutical machinery and equipment, it can basically meet the needs of the domestic pharmaceutical market and has a large growth space in the future.

However, from the overall level of China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry, although the market scale is huge and the product performance has been improved, the overall performance is mainly hard hit by a large amount of capital investment.

"In recent years, the competition among domestic pharmaceutical enterprises has been fierce. With the acceleration of new drug approval and review and the speed of listing, the requirements for pharmaceutical equipment and flexibility have increased." Said the boss of a pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprise that maintains close contact with pharmaceutical enterprises.

He also pointed out that although China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry has made great progress compared with the past, there is a vicious circle of industry competition. Most small and medium-sized enterprises have been in the stage of low-level and repeated production for a long time, and compete at lower and lower prices, dragging down the overall development level of the industry.

It is reported that in order to cope with the situation of low price competition among peers, the enterprise chose to turn to technological innovation, increase investment in R & D innovation and R & D team, improve automation and intelligent technology, constantly enrich the product line, and maintain high price and high level competition with the first mover advantage of new products.

Under the increasingly strict environmental protection pressure, China's traditional and backward pharmaceutical machinery and equipment are also facing elimination and improvement, and the industry concentration will continue to increase in the future.

At the same time, with the establishment and improvement of relevant standards for domestic pharmaceutical equipment, it is expected that the technical barriers of China's pharmaceutical equipment enterprises will be higher in the future, which also requires domestic pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises to pay more attention to technology, continuous innovation and breakthrough, so as to win the initiative in the future market.

On the whole, the scale of China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry is growing with the liberalization of new drug research and development and the promotion of pharmaceutical work such as "4 + 7 volume procurement". Industry data show that the market scale of China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% in recent years, and the market scale has exceeded 45 billion yuan in 2018. It can be seen that its market prospect is considerable, and enterprises usher in more development opportunities and challenges..

In addition, with the encouragement and support of relevant policies, the product technology of some powerful leading enterprises in China can also change from simple imitation to cooperative development and independent innovation research and development. The R & D capacity of the industry is constantly improving. It is believed that domestic pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises under this background can seize the opportunity to improve their own technology and cultivate their internal skills, Open the door of domestic and foreign markets with "real kung fu".