How to meet the diversified and complex market demand of pharmaceutical equipment enterprises?


Today's pharmaceutical equipment market is different from many years ago. With the increasing improvement of people's living standards and the frequent occurrence of pharmaceutical policies, the demand of pharmaceutical equipment market has become more diversified and complex. People hope to get safe and effective drugs, while pharmaceutical enterprises hope to have more equipment in line with pharmaceutical technology. How should pharmaceutical equipment enterprises meet these market demands?

Pharmaceutical equipment is closely related to drug production. The design, type selection and installation of equipment should meet the production requirements. In addition, the equipment should also be easy to clean, disinfect and sterilize, facilitate production operation, repair and maintenance, and prevent errors and reduce pollution. These are the basic for pharmaceutical equipment to meet market demand and explore market opportunities.

Basically, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises should gradually form their own core competitiveness according to market demand, including innovative technology, equipment services and so on. Once the huge market demand is grasped, the enterprise will get the initiative and seize the market opportunity.

For example, on-site acceptance of pharmaceutical equipment has become a difficult problem for many customers. Because it will take more time for on-site acceptance, and customers can't rest assured without equipment acceptance. In order to solve this problem, some pharmaceutical equipment enterprises used innovative technology to carry out the engineering acceptance of remote equipment for the first time in the world, and successfully completed all the equipment acceptance contents.

It is reported that this breakthrough makes use of the current popular VR technology, which can make customers have an immersive and real feeling, effectively solve the problem of failing to reach the on-site acceptance equipment, open another new idea for customers to solve practical problems on site, save customers time and reduce costs.

For another example, in recent years, domestic Biopharmaceutical Enterprises have deepened their understanding of data integrity and began to pay attention to the electronic record of column loading process. However, most chromatographic systems do not establish the tracking of column loading process. Relevant enterprises believe that the chromatography system and chromatography column are two independent systems in the market, resulting in the formation of information islands between the two systems, the non sharing and exchange of information, and the disconnection between information and business processes.

According to the market demand for electronic records of column loading process, some equipment enterprises have provided a solution for data interaction between chromatographic system and chromatographic column, which can effectively solve the problem of isolated island of chromatographic column. For customers with higher requirements, the enterprise can also realize the function of column loading station, integrate it into hi process as a plug-in, and integrate the two independent systems into a complete system.

For today's pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, speaking with technology is the last word, which is the core of current market competition. In addition, good equipment service is also an important point pursued in the current market.

The author learned that some pharmaceutical equipment enterprises have established the idea of equipment-based, which can provide customers with three-dimensional services integrating purchase, use, management, maintenance and repair, which runs through the whole process of equipment operation, making equipment management more comprehensive, systematic, professional and standardized.

However, it is necessary to remind pharmaceutical enterprises that the traditional equipment maintenance and management mode of pharmaceutical enterprises can no longer meet today's development requirements and competition mechanism. We should make practical use of information technology and combine the equipment services provided by pharmaceutical equipment enterprises to gradually establish an equipment preventive maintenance system.

Generally speaking, under the background of diversified and complex market demand for pharmaceutical equipment, strict supervision of the pharmaceutical market, fierce competition in the equipment market and lack of trust among the people, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to seize opportunities and form their own core competitiveness on the premise of meeting basic requirements if they want to meet more and higher market demand.