Chongqing Liyun nozzle Co., Ltd. held the skill measurement competition in the first quarter


Chongqing Liyun nozzle Co., Ltd. held a skill measurement competition for all employees in the company on January 25, 2019, which was assessed according to different types of work of the company's employees. In the later stage, the company will hold the competition of comprehensive skills of car, pliers, riveting, welding and grinding from time to time.

As the old saying goes: a drop of a penny is a thousand miles away! Compared with the "strive for better. Cultivate high-quality products", Liyun people are more appropriate. Being engaged in mechanical product processing, knowing drawings, being able to measure and measuring accurately are the basic skills, which must be qualified; Other people who serve mechanical product factories should learn from them that knowing drawings, being able to measure and measuring accurately are bonus items to improve their service ability; Colleagues: this measurement is not only a competition, but also an assessment. Please pay attention to it and take 12 points to participate! Those who fail to pass the examination need to study again until they pass the examination. I wish Liyun measurement skills competition a complete success! Good luck and win the grand prize—— Ren Jianbing, general manager of the company January 25, 2019

After the competition, the judge Mr. Li commented on the skill measurement competition and corrected the existing problems of the company's employees. Through the measurement skill competition held by Chongqing Liyun nozzle Co., Ltd., employees of different types of work can communicate and learn from each other to jointly promote the future development of the company.