Hengrui pharmaceutical Shandong Shengdi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Liyun fat trip was a complete success.


As a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry, Heng Rui pharmaceutical is famous for its high requirements, high standards and high specifications for pharmaceutical equipment. This Heng Rui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shandong Sheng Di Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has ordered an extrusion round machine (JCD100-GY700) to complete the inspection. Technical exchange and discussion were conducted on particle size equipment.

The acceptance of Hengrui to the company this time is the material loading acceptance. The whole process from wet soft material to screw extrusion to fluidized bed drying after shot blasting and rounding is completed. The whole process of screw extrusion is smooth, the temperature rise of materials is low, the water loss is less, the materials are not bonded, the residue is less, there is no fine powder in the rounding process, and the roundness of pellets is high.

The extrusion rounding machine (jcd100-gy700) ordered by Hengrui pharmaceutical this time adopts explosion-proof motor, with extrusion current detection and temperature detection functions (material temperature monitoring), equipped with double head variable pitch screw, the rounding gear disc is orthogonal gear disc, equipped with air inlet system and air outlet mechanism, the air inlet and outlet are equipped with high-efficiency filter and chiller, Minimize the temperature rise caused by screw extrusion.

After inspection, the loading operation is normal, there are no mechanical and electrical problems, and the equipment acceptance is completed and meets the requirements.