The trip of Liyun Qingdao pharmaceutical machinery exhibition has come to a successful conclusion!


On May 10, 2021, the 60th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo was grandly opened in Qingdao World Expo City. During the exhibition, Liyun's particle size processing equipment, pellet preparation equipment and high-precision atomization system won applause from customers!



Product highlights

1. Air mill mc-100

Liyun's experimental airflow crusher stands out among similar equipment with the advantages of narrow particle size distribution, small particle size, high yield and low loss determination, and has won unanimous praise from customers such as Jiangsu Deyuan pharmaceutical industry.


2. Experimental three function whole grain crushing and screening machine

The experimental equipment integrating three functions of granulation, screening and crushing has the advantages of high cost performance and convenient function replacement. It can meet the functions of hammer crushing, material granulation and screening.


3. Needle crusher fsz-120

The particle size range of the needle crusher is between airflow crushing and hammer crushing, which can crush the particle size that cannot be crushed by the hammer crushing equipment (< 30) μ m) , the airflow pulverizing equipment pulverizes the coarse particle size (> 10) μ m) Satisfied.


    Exhibition scene


In this exhibition, Liyun has gained the reputation and trust of customers. Liyun has grown and achieved with the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition for many years. During this period, there are a large number of customers from understanding Liyun to in-depth cooperation. Liyun brings better products to customers again and again based on the concept of "strive for better and cultivate high-quality products". We will not forget our original intention and stick to this concept all the time, See you at Chengdu pharmaceutical machinery exhibition!