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In which aspects of solid preparation equipment enterprises need to conduct in-depth research Article link: China Pharmaceutical

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The solid preparation has the advantages of high physical and chemical stability, low production cost, convenient taking and carrying, and the like,
The solid preparation has the advantages of high physical and chemical stability, low production cost, convenient taking and carrying, and the like, and is the most widely used and most widely used dosage form in medicine, and it occupies a significant share in pharmaceutical preparations. In order to promote the development of solid preparations, in recent years, China's solid preparation equipment industry has made rapid progress, and a number of excellent solid preparation equipment manufacturing enterprises with independent development technology and continuous innovation capability have emerged.
Through years of development, although China's solid preparation equipment industry has made rapid progress, from the current point of view, the granulation process is still the core link of solid preparation production, and can provide solid preparation granulation equipment and solutions to pharmaceutical companies. There are very few suppliers of solutions (including three granulation processes: wet granulation, boiling granulation, dry granulation).
The author has learned that Canaan Science and Technology is one of the few companies in China with corresponding technical capabilities. It can provide customers with solid preparation granulation equipment and solutions. It is currently one of the few domestic granulation processes available ( Wet granulation, boiling granulation, dry granulation) suppliers of complete line equipment and solutions, including wet granulation series, boiling drying / granulation series, dry granulation series, lifting series, mixing series, coating series , cleaning series, pharmaceutical containers, etc., covering more than 600 specifications of 96 models.
In addition, the GLF solid preparation production line produced by Zhiyang Machinery adheres to the traditional granulation process, and combines the wet granulation, boiling drying granulation and wet granulation according to the process characteristics, scientifically and effectively to form a complete solid preparation. Production linkage line. The joint engine group has a pipe hot air curing device for the viscous granules while retaining the functions of each stand-alone use. The productivity and automation of the equipment have been greatly improved. Thereby greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers.
With the continuous improvement of technical content and shortened manufacturing cycle, the production of solid preparation production line equipment will continue to develop in the direction of informationization, digitization, refinement, high speed and automation, and the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of the industry will be significantly improved. In addition, the development of solid preparation line equipment should pay attention to energy conservation and comprehensive utilization of energy, and develop automatic control technology of production line equipment to ensure the realization of optimal operating conditions.
With the market's emphasis on environmental protection, improving the environmental protection measures of equipment to reduce the leakage of dust and exhaust gas, etc., will also be the direction of in-depth research on the equipment needed for solid preparation production line.
For example, the safety hazards caused by the dust generated by the solid preparation in the production process, quality risks, cost increase and other issues are the thorny problems faced by all manufacturers, and also one of the focuses of the new gmp. So, how should companies solve these problems and make GMP certification smoother? According to the person in charge of Beijing Changfeng Jinding Technology, the solid preparation dust-free operation system can pass the dust-free pulverizing system, the dust-free feeding system, the vacuum conveying system, and the airtight system. Automatic batching system, sealed