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Chongqing Liyun Nozzle Co., Ltd.held the second skills measurement competition

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OnJanuary25,2019,ChongqingLiyunNozzleCo.,Ltd.heldthesecondfull-staffskillsmeasurementcompetition.  Accordingtodifferentstaffposition,makecorrespondingtest.Laterourcompanywillheldmoreskills meamsurefro
On January 25,2019,Chongqing Liyun Nozzle Co., Ltd.held the second full-staff skills measurement competition. According to different staff position, make corresponding test.Later our company will held more skills measurement competition from time to time.Test contents about turning and benching and riveting and welding and grinding.
Our company slogan " Till good is better,but better best " and it is full-staff tenet and consistent with the Ancient saying: Lose a millimeter, a thousand miles! Being engaged in the processing of mechanical products, the basic skills are to recognize and measure accurately, which must be qualified; other people who serve the factory of mechanical products, recognize and measure accurately are the added points to improve their service ability need learn; colleagues: this measurement is a competition, but also an assessment, please attention and  using 12 points of energy to participate in it!  Those who fail to pass the examination need to study again until they are qualified. Wish skills measurement competition was successfully! Good luck to full-staff! —— General Manager Ren Jianbing January 25, 2019
At the end of the competition, the rater, teacher Li, commented on the skills measurement competition and corrected the existing problems of the company employees. Through the skills measurement competition held by Chongqing Liyun Nozzle Co., Ltd., the employees of different types of work can communicate and learn from each other, and jointly promote the future development of the company.