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Chuanyun Dai 

Doctor, professor, master's supervisor, postdoctoral professor of pharmacy at Peking University, visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, mainly engaged in the prescription and process development of solid preparations. In recent years, a total of more than 50 scientific and technological papers have been published, 15 have been included in SCI, 6 national projects have been hosted, 4 provincial and ministerial projects have been held, 8 invention patents have been authorized, and 1 monograph has been written. The projectsdeveloped include powder coating, various blank ball cores and controlled release micropills, sublingual tablets, disintegrating tablets, stomach flotation tablets, conventional tablets and other solid dosage forms. The team is familiar with international and national drug administration laws and regulations, and is familiar with the development process of new drugs and generic drugs.

Songtao Kong 

Doctor, professor, master's supervisor. Long-term commitment to chemical machinery, fluid flow and heat transfer, thermal power, safety equipment research and development. In recent years, he has presided over or led the research and development of "Product Quality Safety Detection Technology and Instrument Equipment", "Research on the Energy Separation Mechanism of the Key Refrigeration Components for Coalbed Gas Liquefaction Recovery", "Development of LNG Refrigeration Ejector, High-efficiency Heat Exchanger and Development of Process Software Packages", "Based on Study and Application of Key Technologies for Waste Leachate Treatment under the Effect of Fusion Heat and Mechanical Evaporation, Development of Key Technologies and Equipment for Deep-water Surface Drilling / Mud Density Dynamic Regulation Device, Study on Pressure Control Drilling Technology in Western Sichuan Province, etc.. National Science and Technology The key issues and 863 projects Chongqing Natural Science Foundation, Chongqing Education Commission research projects, and corporate horizontal topics have published more than 30 papers, of which SCI/EI has included 12 articles and 5 invention patents. In 2014, the key project in the "Key Technologies and Equipment for Deepwater Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in the South China Sea", a major project of the country, was "Research on Key Technologies and Equipment for Deepwater Surface Drilling". In 2014, the research content was jointly completed with 18 units including CNOOC(China) Co., Ltd., CNOOC Research Institute, and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. for the joint completion of the "R&D and application of ultra-deep water semi-submersible drilling platforms". National Science and Technology Progress Award Special Award.

Gaofa He 

Doctor, professor, master's supervisor. currently assistant dean of the School of Mechanical and Power Engineering of Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology, deputy director of the Chongqing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center Mechanical Engineering Experimental and Practical Training Center, Chongqing specialty "Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation" professional person in charge, deputy chairman of Chongqing Jingong Research Association. He has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the fields of machinery manufacturing and precision measurement. Hosting or leading research national and provincial research projects include "Research on the Real Time Measurement of Thickness of Thickness of Thin Films under Complex Conditions", "Study on the Electrostatic Microscopic Characterization Methods and Mechanisms of Surface Morphology of Optical Devices for Large, Deep, and Width Ratio", and "Analysis of Microdust Removal Mechanism Based on Dielectric Swimming Power and Five items, such as experimental research, published more than 20 academic papers in journals at all levels, and more than 10 articles were included in SCI or EI; The completed or under research projects preside over seven teaching quality projects and educational reform projects at all levels, edited or edited three teaching materials, and published seven teaching and research papers.

Min Su 

Doctor of Pharmacy, West China Hospital, Sichuan University ,mainly engaged in sustained-release, controlled release preparations: including oral and injection; (b) Medicinal masking techniques; Rapid release preparations; Research and development of natural products; Study on medicinal polymer materials. He successively worked at Chongqing University, Tai Chi Group(Director of Research Laboratory), Chongqing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine(Director of Research Office), Director of Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Evaluation Engineering and Technology Research Center, Third Military Medical University(now Army Military Medical University) College of Pharmacy(Deputy Director of Pharmacy Research Office), Wan Quan Pharmaceutical(Dean of Chongqing Institute), He has also served as a drug review expert of the State Food and Drug Administration, a health food review expert of the State Food and Drug Administration, a review expert of the Chongqing Science and Technology Project, a drug review expert of the Chongqing Food and Drug Administration, and a review of the Journal of Research Part A of the Journal of the Third Military Medical University. In recent years, he has been mainly responsible for the construction of "Pharmacy" and related course systems(`` Pharmacy "; Preparation of curriculum standards for "Biopharmacology and pharmacokinetics"; Participate in the formulation of a four-year undergraduate personnel training program for military pharmacy; "New Drug Research and Evaluation" curriculum standard development); "Pharmacy" and "New Drug Research and Evaluation" course teaching; Participate in the second edition of the "12th Five-Year Plan" national planning textbook "Pharmacy"(Editor-in-Chief Zhangzhirong, Higher Education Press 2014.3). Responsible for the completion of 3 provincial and ministerial research projects; More than 10 items of new drugs and generic drugs; Undertake 3 projects such as national new drug creation and military special needs drug development; Chongqing Science and Technology Commission 1 project; There is 1 project for the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission. In terms of results: 5 patents for inventions and 4 authorizations. He has published more than 20 research papers and 5 SCI papers. Since 2002, he has been responsible for drug research and development projects and has obtained 15 new drug certificates and production approvals.